The Ventriloquist, Inc. offers a complete line of machine controllers for NSCA 5-Stand. The software for these controllers is the feature that distinguishes "The DEALER" from its competitors. You can design 5-Stand and Flush/Flurry games on your PC. You can then use your PC to throw the games or load them to your DEALER.

The individual DEALER products are described below.

DEALER-HH allows you to take your controller to the shooting station. DEALER-HH consists of the HANDHELD display, HH CONTROLLER, an INTERFACE and software.


The keypad and display are contained in a "HANDHELD" unit about the size of a calculator. The HANDHELD is connects to the HH CONTROLLER via a 6 conductor phone cable. The HH CONTROLLER controls which targets are released by the INTERFACE via the built in parallel port


The INTERFACE can control up to 8 machines.  The INTERFACE may be controlled by the HH CONTROLLER, by the DEALER software running on your PC, or the INTERFACE may be used as a manual release


All NSCA 5-Stand games are included with a scoring option. The unit comes pre-programmed with 3, 4, and 5 machine flush program with user selectable delays and number of targets. The computer software that accompanies this product allows you to design games which fit your field and equipment and load them to your DEALER-HH.

The DEALER program is a DOS program and will not run properly on  Windows 2000 or XP.

Keypad shown to the left.


In addition to all NSCA 5-Stand games, you can use the following controllable features to create games that fit your field and equipment.
Number of machines (1-8) and Number of stations (1-5)
Target sequence for each station (random or fixed)
Number of shooters (1-5)
Number of throws per station (1-5)
Number of targets per throw [single or pair (true/following/report or from a doubles machine)]
Target delay (after "PULL" and between a following pair.)

Flush/Flurry from 1-8 machines controlling
Number of targets thrown
Number of targets per release (up to number of active machines)
Delay time between targets


The PC DEALER consists of the DEALER software and an INTERFACE. The DEALER software uses your PC or notebook to develop and play games. The DEALER software communicates with the INTERFACE via the parallel port of your PC. The INTERFACE can control up to 8 target machines.  The INTERFACE may also be used as a MANUAL DEALER.


An easy-to-use, durable controller for up to 8 target machines. Machines are selected via manual switches and released by a fire button.

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